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Jun 01, 2021

June 2021 – Top Shelf Tuesday Featured Tequila of the Month – Dos Primos Blanco


What happens when a pecan farmer and a multi-platinum singer/songwriter decide to create a tequila? You get Dos Primos.

Spanish for “Two Cousins,” Dos Primos was created by cousins Jeff Worn and Thomas Rhett who wanted to make a tequila that reflected their deep appreciation and respect for the concept of family.

Thomas and Jeff wanted to do it right, and have spent a great deal of time over the past years working with the González family, some of the most respected tequila distillers in the world, in the to craft a product they truly believe in. Under the guidance of Rodolfo González, a third-generation master distiller, the family uses the same methods to create amazing tequilas that they have practiced for more than 150 years from their distillery in the highlands of Jalisco.

You might know the Gonzalez’s work from their most popular line, El Mayor, known for its rich, tropical fruit and strong citrus and mineral notes from the highlands agave it uses. However, for Dos Primos, the choice was made to make use of both highlands and lowlands fruit, yielding a tequila that expresses the green vegetal and earth notes of the valley along with the bright, floral citrus of the Altos region.

The two cousins chose to work with Rodolfo and his daughter Gracie, tequila sommelier and fourth generation of tequila producers in the González family, because of their shared value of family. Each bottle of Dos Primos has “Forged by Family” stamped on the label as a declaration of these values; that tequila is best made by multiple generations of farmers, jimadors, and distillers, working together to craft something with passion and love that is meant to be enjoyed with family and loved ones.

For Thomas and Jeff, cousins who considers themselves to be more like brothers, this deep appreciation for the bonds of family and what it can create made for an immediate connection.

Stop by any of our Matador locations to give this unique tequila a try. We’ll be featuring it in a special, discounted margarita every Tuesday. You could also choose to sip it on its own or in another cocktail of your choosing!

Tasting notes:

Crafted with a blend of agaves from Los Altos and the valley areas of Jalisco, this is a very agave-forward spirit that strongly expresses the terroir of both growing regions. A nose of fresh herbs, ripe citrus fruit, and floral tropical agave. More herbs on the palate with deep, cooked agave and earth flavors followed by lingering citrus zest and blossoms. A clean, spicy, and smooth finish of vegetal botanicals, more earth, and sharp pepper.